Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION #1: What exactly will I get when I attend this 2-day workshop?

After the workshop, you will leave with Level 1 of the Marketing Roadmap COMPLETED. We are going to CONDENSE which includes the following:

  • Absolute crystal clarity on the target market you should focus on for maximum profits, growth and success. When you leave, you will no longer feel lost or confused about who your most lucrative target market should be. This is the single most important element of your BUSINESS plan that you have to have right to move forward successfully.
  • A clear idea of what your USP is (and how to articulate it), or what it needs to be for you to close more sales. You’ll leave knowing how you stack up against your peers in SLAs, pricing, customer service, value delivered and other competitive advantages. Moreover, you’ll find out where your weaknesses are, compared to other IT services firms, and (at least) know exactly what you need to work on, improve, offer or change to be more competitive.
  • Exact clarity on what your web site should say to maximize its effectiveness. This is a direct product of the previous 2 items; you can’t possibly make your web site productive if you don’t know who your ideal client is OR what your USP is! We’ll also have you IMPLEMENT various elements of tracking and conversion to make your web site PRODUCTIVE.
  • How to pull together your list and get your leads, prospects and clients tagged properly in your CRM or PSA tool. If necessary, we can also walk you through purchasing a list and getting a process in place for scrubbing it. Of course, we’ll also give you 10 list-building campaigns as part of this program.
  • A well-defined referral marketing system (and campaigns) mapped out and in place to fuel more highly-qualified prospects quickly and easily.
  • 10 Marketing Oil Wells STARTED. While we won’t be able to fully implement them ALL at this 2-day event, we will get the ball rolling and then hold you accountable over the following 3 months (via webinars) to get the rest implemented. These will include a newsletter/drip marketing campaign, a productive e-mail/blog campaign, a direct mail system for prospecting, a seminar marketing system AND a host of other lead generation campaigns.
  • How To Use Your New Automation Software Every Day To Capture Leads And Do Marketing. You will get a full day of end-user training th ionsoft as your new CRM and automation powerhouse.

QUESTION #2: When, where and how much?

This event is held in Franklin, TN. The tuition for this 3-day workshop PLUS the 3 months of follow-up Accountability Coaching is only $5,994* (or you can spread this over 3 months at $1,750 per month). While I cannot guarantee it, my personal goal is to get that money BACK in your bank account before the end of the 3 months of coaching. In fact, most attendees have opportunities in the pipeline BEFORE THEY LEAVE the workshop. That's because you'll actually be implementing campaigns during the workshop, not just learning stuff to do.

*This $5,994 is the cost for our Toolkit clients who plan to attend the MAP Workshop. Clients not attending the MAP Workshop will be charged $4,997. If you do not own a Toolkit, please click here to schedule an appointment with a senior consultant to determine if this program is right for you.

QUESTION #3: Should I attend the MAP Training Day?

The MAP Training Day is one of the three days of Rapid Implementation Workshop and is for our MAP Infusionsoft clients ONLY. We will do a one-day, intensive, hands-on workshop to show you how to use your new marketing automation software. If you do not have MAP Infusionsoft but would like more information on how to get your own marketing automation platform, call/email us at 615-790-5011 or or visit for more info.

QUESTION #4: Can I talk to a previous attendee before registering?

Yes, but for serious inquiries only. I will require that you register and make one payment before we give you the contact information of a previous attendee(s) to speak with. After all, they are busy running their own IT services business and do not work for me. I do not want to give their e-mail and phone number to someone with mild curiosity. We're ALL too busy for that.

If after speaking to them you feel that registering was a mistake, we'll refund your payment(s) and cancel you from attending the class.

To arrange this, please contact Aaron Leicht ( or Debi Bush ( from my office. You can reach either of them by calling us direct at 615-790-5011. Aaron has been with my organization for 4+ years and has coached over 1,000 new clients. Debi is a long-term, former client who grew and sold her managed IT services business and joined our team. Both Aaron and Debi can answer any questions you may have and will be happy to connect you with previous attendees.

QUESTION #5: Will I be in the same Workshop as one of my competitors?

NO – we are only going to let one person per market in the group. We want you to be 100% free to share your challenges, and the unique value you bring to your marketplace. Plus, we will work with you to CUSTOMIZE the campaigns and develop your USP so you can legitimately differentiate yourself. If you want to ensure you're not locked out of an upcoming date, then I suggest you get registered immediately. We currently have VERY limited availability for these events, with only 2 more scheduled.

QUESTION #6: Why an in-person workshop? Why not remote via webinars?

The best way to get this done is by getting out of your office – AWAY from distractions – and being 1,000% focused on getting it implemented. Robin will work with you in a small group to make sure every question gets answered. You simply cannot get this same level of focus, engagement and PROGRESS remote. The follow up sessions will be conducted via live webinars that will also be recorded for you to access.

QUESTION #7: How does the follow-up Accountability Group work?

For 3 months AFTER the workshop, we will continue to push, prod and encourage you to "finish what you started." Every week you'll be able to participate in a weekly webinar to get your questions answered AND get the accountability and encouragement you want (and need) to keep going. This will be a HUGE plus not only for the accountability, but also for the ability to talk to your peers who are also implementing these campaigns, to get their insights, learn from their mistakes, find shortcuts, etc.

QUESTION #8: How much time do I need to put into making this work?

That depends on how much you want to do, what your specific goals are and how much help you have right now. At a minimum, you should plan on investing at least 60-90 minutes a day into getting this done. We'll also help you figure out how to delegate some of the activities and even who to hire, and how to compensate them, direct them, get them ramped up, etc., including inside sales, outside sales, admin staff, a marketing manager and even outside vendors.

QUESTION #9: Can I bring my business partner, marketing manager, etc.?

Yes, and we encourage it. There is a small $2,400 fee for bringing a second person simply because of the room size limitation (we're keeping these to no more than 20 total attendees). Your employees, spouse, business partner, etc. are free to join in on the on-going webinars at no additional fee.

QUESTION #10: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Due to the EXTREMELY LIMITED seating of this class, attendees that cancel with less than 3 weeks’ notice (21 days) before the start of the class will be charged a rescheduling fee of $500, and will be moved to the next available class. If you want to cancel and get a refund, you are welcome to PROVIDED you have 1) not used any of the done-for-you services or started that process AND you notify us within 21 days (3 weeks) of the class starting. If you have started the done-for-you services, and your chosen class is less than 21 days, you cannot cancel and get a refund. However, if after attending the RIW you are not happy with your experience, you have 1 week from the end of class to let us know and we’ll issue a full and complete refund for the class. Beyond that time frame, you are not entitled to a refund.

Important: Please note that the 2-year money back guarantee on the Toolkit itself is completely separate from any fees or membership dues paid for the Rapid Implementation Workshop and/or Accelerators Club.

QUESTION #11: How is this Rapid Implementation Workshop different from Boot Camp or other events you hold?

It's VASTLY different, and you go to each for different reasons. The Rapid Implementation Workshop is personally delivered by Robin herself, in her office, to a small group of less than 25 attendees. This 2-day, hands-on workshop is unlike anything else we do because it's specifically designed to give you the hand-holding you need to successfully implement the fundamentals of a profitable sales and marketing system. This includes selecting your most lucrative target market, defining a USP, building a list and implementing various productive lead generation and sales-generating "marketing oil wells." You will have the ability to ask Robin for direct input and advice on any aspect of your marketing plan. You will then have 3 months of weekly coaching after the event to make sure you stay the course and FULLY implement.

QUESTION #12: Can I cancel class if necessary?

Yes, and we will move you to the next class available where there is no one in your market area. However, if you cancel with less than 3 weeks' notice and we cannot fill your seat, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $500 due to the EXTREMELY limited seating of this class. No refund will be provided for no-shows or last minute cancellations.