We’re Coming! January 2020 London Workshop Accelerators Club Program Details:

How To Condense A Year Of Marketing Implementation Down To 3 Months

The Accelerators Club is ideal if you want to fast-track the implementation of the Toolkit, get ongoing coaching, accountability, support AND done-for-you marketing services.

As A Member To This Program You’ll Get Started With The Rapid Implementation Workshop:

This Rapid Implementation Workshop is a two-day, small group workshop in London the week of January 13-17, 2020 led by Robin’s top marketing coaches.

During these two days you’ll go deep on how lead generation really works, how to build a list, how to select a CRM to build your list and organize your marketing efforts, how to define your target market, how to develop your USP (unique selling proposition) and how to get your website to work.

And this is ONLY the beginning…

    • After the workshop, you’ll be working with Robin’s Coaches and your “accountability group” to implement a checklist of 10 interlocking marketing campaigns in 90 days. These weekly calls will keep you focused so you don’t procrastinate or fall off track. Your coach and accountability group will encourage you to continue PUSHING FORWARD to implement — and everything is mapped out in the order in which you should implement them, along with templates and examples to make it easy.
    • A process and coaching for gaining absolute crystal clarity on the target market you should focus on for maximum profits, growth and success. When you leave, you will no longer feel lost or confused about who your most lucrative target market should be. This is the single most important element of your BUSINESS plan that you must have right to move forward successfully.
    • A clear process for defining what your USP is (and how to articulate it) so you can erase price resistance. You’ll leave knowing how you stack up against your peers in SLAs, pricing, customer service, value delivered and other competitive advantages.
    • A process for organizing all leads, prospects and clients so you can implement marketing with more accuracy and less work. The single biggest asset you have is your LIST, yet most IT services firms don’t have one, or it’s so disorganized and neglected that it has no value to them. We’ll change ALL of that in this workshop and show you how to select a CRM and maintain it so you can implement “push-button marketing” to generate leads and sales on demand.
    • A well-defined referral marketing system (and campaigns) mapped out to fuel more referrals. After all, referrals are (most likely) your #1 source of acquiring new clients — so why don’t you have a system in place for getting MORE of them instead of just wishing and hoping for them to come in? At this workshop, we’ll fix all of this.
    • BONUS third day for MAP Infusionsoft clients led by Robin’s Automation Experts where you’ll learn how to use your new automation software to automate your marketing plan.

And Now That You’re Up And Running You’ll Get:

Weekly Accountability Group Calls With A Senior Client Coach

The workshop is only the beginning. From there, you and your group will be led by a senior consultant on a series of weekly calls to implement a carefully constructed checklist of marketing campaigns, broken down into easy-to-implement steps.

From there, you’ll be strategically placed into an Accountability Group that is best for you, based on the size of your company, the services you offer, your niche and a few other factors, facilitated by a Senior Client Coach who is well-versed in our type of marketing AND who runs their own IT services business. After the initial 12 weeks, this group will be your official Accountability Group that you’ll meet with on a weekly basis to continue your growth momentum.

We modeled this after our Producers Club Accountability Groups – a key benefit that members repeatedly tell us is the most valuable part of the Producers Club. That’s because running a business – especially an IT services business – is complicated and difficult. You have to get a number of things right in order to make a profit. That’s where your Accountability Group comes in. Fresh eyes can see things you can’t – plus, their collective experience on pricing, services delivery, hiring and management, marketing, sales and vendors is invaluable.

Your Website And SEO Plan DONE FOR YOU

Seriously, this is worth the entire investment into Accelerators. Many people have told us they spent $10,000 to $20,000 (no joke) on getting a SEO plan done and a website, with ZERO results. Personally, we’re amazed so many web “marketing” companies get away with the highway robbery they commit, preying on the small business owner who doesn’t know any better. Crazy. When you’re a member, we’ll do all of this FOR YOU so you have one less big, important thing to worry about. You’ll get a “Robinized” web template, content and SEO plan CUSTOMIZED for you.

We also help set up your Google Analytics, phone tracking (if you choose that option) and give you over 50 landing pages and online campaigns to pick from – ALL INCLUDED. Plus you can make unlimited changes.  ($12,000+ value)

Done-For-You Landing Page Template Library

You get full access to our entire Landing Page library. Fast track your implementation of campaigns with our 1-click landing page implementation process. Landing pages are available for pretty much any and every marketing campaign you’ll ever run. And if we don’t already have what you need, submit a request and we’ll create a template for you!

Your Newsletter And Blog, DONE FOR YOU

This is completely done-for-you; you don’t have to log in to a website, download a template and implement. Our member concierge will get this written, proofread, designed and finished FOR YOU – including printing and mailing if you like (you only pay the wholesale printing and postage costs). All you have to do is approve it. We’ll also give you a monthly done-for-you blog post and e-mail to send to your existing list to fuel referrals, cross-sell additional services to your existing clients, convert leads into paying clients and stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects.

Newsletter/Blog Article Library

You have access to a full content library with hundreds of articles. These newsletter articles are produced every month written with three proven emotional triggers for selling more IT services. Many members also use these articles for posting on social media or their company blog.

Access To Our Print Concierge Service For Print Newsletters And TechTip Postcards

Through a partnership with the #1 small business newsletter company in the world, The Newsletter Pro, you have full access to a print concierge service for your monthly newsletter and TechTip postcard printing service. We’ve negotiated group pricing with low minimums on this service. Our concierge team will do all the work for you each and every month. Many of our members report spending less than 30 minutes per month to get both their monthly client newsletter and a monthly prospect-focused postcard drip series out the door!

Done-For-You E-mail Newsletter, Blog Template and Traffic Drivers

Every month, you are provided with a done-for-you TEASER e-mail campaign to send out as your “Robinized” e-mail newsletter to you list. These emails are tied to the lead article in your monthly newsletter (posted to your blog) and are great for driving leads to your website via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Never again will have you that e-mail newsletter that everyone deletes as soon as it hits their inbox.

Monthly Marketing Deep Dive Webinar

The Marketing Deep Dive is a monthly live webinar with Robin Robins, where she will conduct a “dive deep” overview of a single marketing campaign and answer your questions on how to successfully implement it, as well as what NOT to do to avoid failure. Since this is a WEBINAR, you MUST REGISTER using the link we will provide for each session on the Dashboard. All sessions will be recorded and posted for you to review at your convenience; however, to ask question, you must attend these events LIVE.

Members-Only Vendor Directory

Within the member Dashboard site, you’ll have instant access to a directory of over 400 vendors, along with exclusive members-only discounts. Plus, we give all of our members to rate and comment candidly about their experience with vendors in this secure “no vendors allowed” portal. You’ll get the unfettered truth before you spend your hard earned dollars with a wrong fit solution.

Accelerators Club QUE And Member Directory

Get direct access to our top performing members online via the Accelerators Club members only “QUE” or the Member Directory.

Just Added! 1-on-1 Coaching Access To Our Top Marketing Coaches

Over the years, we’ve been able to build out a team of elite sales and marketing coaches. From former CEO’s of MSP firms such as Jeff Johnson and Mark Shehan, to hard driving Marketing Executives such as Rich Crockett and Mike Stodola. We’ve even added a stable of our top clients willing to coach our Accelerators Club members on sales and marketing implementation. You’ll have 1-on-1 access to schedule up to 2 calls per quarter with my top coaches on an as-needed basis. These coaches are your go-to resources for anything and everything you need to market your business.

Just Added! Online Shock And Awe

Online Shock And AweImagine sending potential prospects an impressive Online Shock & Awe Box within minutes of speaking with them for the first time on the phone. This online site is fully customizable via the Dashboard member site with a personal URL for every single prospect. You create what is on your site, including a welcome video, a copy of your published book, your choice of free report, audio testimonials, your guarantee certificate and more. The options are limitless!