“25 Years Later, We Are Finally Working ON Our Business To The Tune Of $50,318 In MRR And New Projects!”

Posted by Skyler On June 27th, 2019
Steve Edrington
June 27, 2019

“Our most successful marketing initiative as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop has been the implementation of QBRs. These have driven the most sales in a short amount of time by taking care of our leaky bucket. We always assumed we needed more new customers. Wrong thinking! What we REALLY needed was to better take care of the clients we ALREADY had. We now know there is money on the table with every client, but we have to uncover it and go get it. With this shift in mindset, we scheduled eight meetings that netted $14,318 in new projects and $931 in monthly recurring revenue, which will amount to $36,000 over 36 months!

Our journey is just beginning, with a new attitude, a fresh set of tools and processes, and a vision for the future. But we could not have done this without the help of TMT and the Redhead who keeps pushing us to do better!