“A ‘Reset Button’ For My Business, Robin’s Program Has Catapulted Us From $1.2 Million In 2017 To Achieving Our Goal Of $2 Million In 2018!”

Posted by Skyler On May 10th, 2019
Shayne Yonce
May 10, 2019

“I remember seeing Robin Robins speak for the first time in Dallas, Texas. I had been in business only about three years, struggling with cash flow and hanging in there week by week, paycheck to paycheck. Fast-forward 14 years and we are now 11 years into our second business. I was still struggling with cash flow but still hanging in there, paycheck to paycheck. Grit, brute force and “last-minute heroics” was how I was barely scraping by. I guess I enjoyed the thrill of investing every profit dollar back into the business, but never a single dollar into savings. A perfect picture of mediocrity.

In December of 2017, I was returning from a sales call that had gone okay, nothing special. Out of the usual, I was listening to my phone’s playlist. An interview with Robin came on. Immediately I thought back over the years to the events where I heard her speak and probably thousands of dollars in marketing materials that had been sent my way.

But something was different this time. I listened more intently and was moved to do something about my situation. The next day I made a choice to say ‘No!’ ‘No, I don’t want it to be like this anymore.’ I wanted BETTER for my family, BETTER for my team and most definitely BETTER for my customers. On that day, I made the commitment to myself and the program.

I joined the Rapid Implementation Workshop in Nashville. Mindset, mindset, mindset. That’s what I needed to hear. That’s what I needed to believe. That’s what I needed to change. I loved marketing and enjoyed sales; however, I lacked the encouragement and accountability to push myself in those areas. But with the support of Robin’s team behind me, it was time to forge ahead.

This experience has become the reset button for my business. I have closely identified the verticals and how to approach them more effectively. I can now better articulate why customers should do business with us. I now have evidence through testimonials of what our customers are saying. And we have significantly improved our web presence.

The result of the combined efforts of mindset, materials and team spirit is that we are now making two appointments per month and achieving great results and powerful, positive feedback from our efforts. Since the workshop, our monthly recurring revenue has increased almost $4,000 per month and we have landed an additional $35,000 in new project business.

Thanks to the Rapid Implementation Workshop, the accountability calls, the impetus for change and the access to wonderful and effective tools, we are now on track to meet our current sales goal of $2 million in revenue this year, up from $1.2 million in 2017.

Thank you to everyone on the team who has supported us through this process. This channeling of my excitement and energy has definitely helped the Technology Specialist and my self-confidence, and helped me build a much clearer vision of what lies ahead. Better Your Best 2020, here I come!”