“A Simple Shift In Mindset Empowered Me To Achieve More Marketing, More Sales And $4,100 (So Far) In Monthly Recurring Revenue!”

Posted by Skyler On September 27th, 2019
Karen Barre
September 27, 2019

Canadian Flag“With my new mindset shift that cleared my head of misconceptions and empowered me to be ambitious without apology, we’ve begun to see more sales and more revenue, thanks to Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Our new referral reward campaign brought one new client who added $12,000 in project work and $1,500 in MRR! Plus, we had been courting a prospect for about a year and finally got a sales meeting with them. They were the first prospect who we sent a Shock-And-Awe box to, and IT WORKED! They signed up the day after the sales call, which means $3,000 in project revenue and $2,600 in new MRR!