“After I Lost 60% Of My Revenue, Robin Helped Us Add $613,000 In Just 90 Days, Open 4 New Offices And Increase Incoming Leads By 712%!”

Posted by Skyler On May 24th, 2019
Will Nobles
May 24, 2019

“When I lost 60% of my revenue by losing three clients, my company took a punch to the gut. But I kept fighting. In January 2016, I got a dollar bill in the mail that was stapled to a letter from some redheaded lady claiming she could turn my business around with her Toolkit. I bought it, but like so many others, I thumbed through it and put it on the shelf.

Shortly after meeting Robin Robins at my first Boot Camp, I knew joining Producers Club was the next step for us. And WOW, the journey over the past two years has been well worth every penny invested.

At the end of the 2016 year, I opened up offices in Baton Rouge, LA, and my hometown in eastern North Carolina, New Bern. We went from spending nothing on marketing to marketing being a driving factor in attaining and landing new clients.

Fast-forward to 2018: I decided to go through the Rapid Implementation Workshop steps again. With a new focus on marketing efforts, Vector Choice has continued to grow. In fact, we even recently purchased a fourth location in Washington, DC.

In February 2018, we ended the month at $132,000 gross. In May 2018, we ended the month at $194,000 gross – a 47% increase. We also increased our managed services package pricing by 40%, and shockingly, we are landing more deals with faster close times even after the increase! We have also started the process of increasing all our current client prices between 5% and 8%, and changing all our contracts to 36 months, which will bring in an additional $16K per month of MRR.

I would like to thank Robin and the team for helping me to build Vector Choice into a more strategic and successful company.”