“After Investing Tons Of Money Into Marketing With Practically Zero Results, We Discovered Robin And Quickly Added $17,479 In MRR And $14,800 In Projects”

Posted by Skyler On May 24th, 2019
Todd Crull
May 24, 2019

“At the beginning of 2018, STL created a new Sales and Marketing team that reinvested in the resources and knowledge provided to Robin Robins’ Producer’s Club members. Shortly after, we attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Our first marketing initiative at the workshop was to reconnect to prospective clients who ‘went dark’ secured three meetings resulting in one MRR account worth $5,414 with the potential to be $7,000 per month.

Because Robin always talks about ‘fattening the herd,’ we ran a cross-sell campaign to our current IT clients who didn’t have our VoIP service. From this single campaign, we secured seven meetings resulting in a pipeline of $7,350! We also launched multiple direct mail campaigns in the spring of 2018. One resulted in three meetings and an increase of $1,700 in MRR between two accounts. The second direct mail campaign landed five meetings and one small account of $615 in MRR and projects of $2,000.

We have recently documented the definition and process behind our quarterly business reviews to clearly demonstrate the value of our services and solutions. As a result, we have retained 100% of our clients that were up for renewal! Since we joined Robin’s program, the QBRs have calculated a total of $2,400 MRR in the pipeline, with an additional $12,800 in revenue/project work.

The single best component of Technology Marketing Toolkit is the community as a whole. There is not a question that can’t be answered by the accumulated knowledge of the community. There is always someone who has been there, done that before you. The attitudes and willingness to share gained knowledge is literally invaluable.”