“After Meeting With 60 Clients In 60 Days, We Profited Nearly $360,000!”

Posted by Skyler On July 29th, 2019
Darren Patoni
July 29, 2019

“Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was the catalyst we needed to rebound from our recent lost revenue of $15K per month. With focused objectives, a sense of urgency, discipline, accountability, weekly deliverables, proven sales and marketing strategies, and the support of Technology Marketing Toolkit, we experienced success.

These are the top campaigns we used to profit nearly $360,000:

  • New ‘Robinized’ Website – We closed six website leads, which added $12,950 per month in new MRR, and a total of $466,200 over the life of the contracts!
  • Google AdWords – With a higher quality score, we are generating six to eight NEW LEADS per month!
  • Cyber CareTM Cross-Sell Promotion – In 60 days, I personally met with 60 clients and added over $15,400 in new MRR with our Cyber CareTM