“After Robin’s Marketing Added $12,700 In MRR, We KNOW We Will Reach Our Goals!”

Posted by Skyler On July 26th, 2019
Keith Carrizosa
July 26, 2019

By implementing the Technology Marketing Toolkit plan, I am more confident than ever we will reach our goals. We recently attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, executed numerous marketing campaigns and have enjoyed the following wins:

  • We sent out a direct mail piece promoting Windows 7/Server 2008 End of Life and received four leads, which resulted in four sat appointments. Three of these leads closed and one is now pending. Total MRR sales: $11,400 in MRR, plus an additional $5,750 in MRR pending. Total project sales: $7,000.
  • Our new website upgrade has brought us a new client who was sold on our testimonials. Total MRR sales: $650 per month.
  • Robin’s Tracking Tool has made it far easier to set a goal, track it and then debrief if the goal was missed. The EOL Win7/Server 2008 campaign has brought in a new client for a project worth $1,000 and $650 in MRR.