“Almost From Scratch, We Built A Marketing Foundation That Added $14,631 In Monthly Recurring Revenue In Just 90 Days”

Posted by Skyler On December 20th, 2019
Amy James & Bria Turney
December 20, 2019

“Robin’s 90-Day Challenge has represented a SIGNIFICANT period of growth and learning regarding sales and marketing. This is because our FIRST true organized marketing effort began with the start of the Technology Marketing Toolkit Rapid Implementation Workshop.

By implementing client-focused campaigns, prospect-focused campaigns and drip marketing in this 90-day period, we added $14,631.67 in monthly recurring revenue as well as $105,267.18 in project and hardware sales!

Going through Robin’s workshop and the 90 days that followed was an incredible opportunity for M3 Networks to develop our marketing efforts almost from scratch. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and we are excited to take these tools and build upon them going forward!”