“Are You ‘Too Busy To Make Money’? We Were… Then We Brought In $15,683 In Just 60 Days!”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Fred Marshall and Courtney O'Dwyer
September 20, 2019

“On the first day of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin asked us, “Who here is TOO BUSY to MAKE MONEY?” Boy oh boy, did that hit home for us. It’s a trap we all fall into. We are so busy with clients, projects and daily duties that we don’t have time for the real moneymakers: sales and marketing. We were ALWAYS too busy.

In just the past 60 days since the workshop, we have cross-sold $13,418 in project revenue and $2,265 in install and on-site time – that’s $15,683 so far! We have a great feeling about our campaigns and fully believe we are going to start booking appointments and signing new clients very soon!”