“Beyond Impacting Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By $12,360, Robin’s Marketing Has Had Such A Positive Impact On Our Office Culture”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Kimberly Cooper
September 20, 2019

“From all of Robin’s marketing, we used the quarterly business review requests and cross-sell activities first since they were easy to implement and cost us nothing. As a result, three of our break-fix customers upgraded to our monthly recurring revenue MSP category. Now that we have focused our plan, begun to consistently create touchpoints with our customers and placed marketing as a necessary and prominent part of our workforce, the results are both STAGGERING and exciting, including $12,360 in monthly recurring revenue and $53,035 in project revenue! The positive impact on our office culture has been the most surprising aspect of the program for me.

Plus, our customer satisfaction rating has greatly improved, as is evidenced by:

  1. Paying on Time – Our aging payables have decreased from $50,000 to under $5K!
  2. Fewer Complaints – I used to spend one to two days per month explaining and adjusting billing for unhappy clients. That rarely happens now.
  3. Quick Response from Clients – When e-mails go out, clients are quick to comment, thank us and engage.”