“We Closed Our Biggest Sale Ever ($100,000+), 6 Managed Services Deals, $36,798 In New MRR And $95,465 In Projects From The Rapid Implementation Workshop”

Posted by Skyler On June 7th, 2017
June 7, 2017

“Robin should describe herself as an ATM for IT services companies because of her ability to help companies like us make money! Time after time you read testimonials of how following her advice and buying into the Technology Marketing Toolkit process will produce results. OnPar Technologies bought in, we implemented the process and now the money is just showing up! Prior to working with Robin, we were spending large amounts of money on marketing, but the results were non-existent.  The Google Ads, the telemarketing for hire and the other programs we tried just didn’t work.  I couldn’t help but notice all of our partners like Datto, Microsoft, etc. promoting Robin Robins’ marketing webinars; she was everywhere and was working with these big name companies in the IT Industry, so I could no longer ignore that she must have something to offer.  Long story short, we signed up for her Toolkit plus Rapid Implementation Workshop.

I’m convinced we began our experience with Technology Marketing Toolkit like many other IT organizations, drinking from a firehose and trying to capture as much information as we could before our head exploded.  Yes, that is how much information Robin and her team throw at you but they are very helpful along the way! We accomplished a lot at the workshop and the consulting including ‘Robinizing’ our website, implementing free reports for lead generation, defining our USP, implementing a referral program, a blog drip campaign, direct mail, e-mail campaigns and various pieces of collateral (like our testimonial book and why prospects should outsource their IT support to us) that definitely help build our credibility, foster trust and help close sales. Now our website is generating leads, and in just 90 days we’ve closed six new managed services deals worth $36,798 per month in new MRR and $95,465 in project work. Robin has helped us with our marketing but the material she provided also helped OnPar Technologies become more refined with our sales process.  Our biggest win to date was a 1,400 seat deal for Office 365, which includes over $6,000 per month in recurring revenue plus a $33,400 project for implementation. Like I said, Robin Robin$ has money in her name!”