“Outsourcing Cold-Calling And Lead Generation FAILED… But Robin’s Marketing Will Improve Our Business Tremendously!”

Posted by Skyler On June 4th, 2019
Bryan Pryor and Jennifer Erena
June 4, 2019

“Integrity IT was created on quality work and the strong integrity of its owners. Growth was by word of mouth from very satisfied customers. From two owners to five owners and 28 employees, we never knew slow times until 2014 when we lost a big, lucrative contract.

We started with marketing, focusing more on brand recognition, community engagement and even hiring consultants. We also started outsourcing our sales and marketing, until we finally realized that if we wanted it done right, we had to do it ourselves.

An invitation to Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow caught our eye. It aligned perfectly with our new cyber security focus. With extreme hesitation, Bryan attended Robin’s event and was immediately blown away! We immediately signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. We were ready to roll!

Both of us attended the Workshop and returned with an extensive list of tasks to accomplish. Jennifer transitioned part of her job responsibilities to make room to implement the Toolkit. The weekly RIW accountability meetings were fantastic and helped us get more marketing DONE.

The Cyber Security Tips campaign has 40 participants opted in through e-mail newsletters and promotion at events, which generates valuable questions and conversations, leading to new client opportunities.

A free ID Agent Dark Scan opened the door to three new HIPAA SRA proposals with a lead to two managed IT services contracts. This product has also been a useful tool for our clients to help them understand the need for security and boost their view of our security expertise.

We are just beginning to get into the full swing of the Toolkit. Now we have landing pages for Free Consultations, Dark Web Scans, Security Tips and valuable reports. These marketing initiatives will change the perception of Integrity IT and improve our business tremendously! I can’t wait to see the success the future holds!”