By Changing My Mindset About Marketing, I Accomplished More In 3 Months Than In The Past 3 Years!

Posted by Skyler On July 12th, 2019
July 12, 2019

“As a result of Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, I accomplished more in marketing in three months than in the past three years, including: completed an SEO plan for our website, defined our referral reward program, started a weekly blog and e-mail drip campaign, created and mailed our first newsletter, completed our Shock-And-Awe box and so much more.

All of this new marketing resulted in some impressive wins. First, the Client Testimonial Campaign netted great testimonials as well as an unexpected additional $2,970 in monthly recurring revenue from one of our clients. After the workshop, we immediately launched into Cross-Sell Campaigns for our new firewall solution, totalling $14,000 in MRR and $19,300 in project work! These results would never have happened if I hadn’t changed my mindset that there’s ALWAYS time for marketing – you just have to make the time!”