“By Following Robin’s Blueprint, Today We Have More In The Sales Pipeline Than We’ve Ever Had In 16+ Years!”

Posted by Skyler On September 12th, 2019
Fred Robinson
September 12, 2019

“With Robin’s help, I have added $875 of new monthly recurring revenue and over $9,650 in setup fees in just 60 days. Plus, we have the very real potential of adding another $2,995 in MRR and $14,100 in fees in the next 30 days. We have more in the sales pipeline than I have ever had since opening my business 16 years ago!

Beyond the financial wins, there are good signs of greater things to come. I received over 200 testimonials while attending Robin’s two-day workshop. Plus, I am seeing new business come from our drip campaigns, our end-of-life campaigns, our Aspirin Campaign, our SEO optimization from our new website and our improved referral program. And when the leads come in, our ability to close that business has increased substantially with our new unique selling proposition, X Reasons, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Client Bill of Rights and our customer testimonial booklet.”