“Could We Afford Robin’s Accelerators Club? Her Team Showed Me How To Easily Convert A Break-Fix Client To $2,700 A Month In Recurring Revenue – Now I’m A MEMBER!”

Posted by Skyler On October 11th, 2019
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October 11, 2019

“At Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow, one of her teammates asked if I wanted to join Accelerators Club. I told her “Yes,” but needed to first make a sale before I could afford it. She told me exactly how to convert a loyal break-fix client into a managed services client. I followed her instructions and scored $2,700 in monthly recurring revenue. That MORE than paid for Accelerators! In just 90 days following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we performed six HIPAA reports for clients at $1,500 each, added 203 managed antivirus clients and one managed services client at $2,700 a month. We have one additional managed services client for $2,700 we expect to add any day now.”