“Doing It All Myself Produced ZERO Results; In 12 Weeks, Robin’s Marketing Delivered $6,556 In MRR And $23,440 In Project Revenue!”

Posted by Skyler On July 29th, 2019
Neal Juern
July 29, 2019

“Before Robin, I committed myself to ‘doing it all.’ So I tried running Facebook Ads…no results. I dabbled with Google AdWords, and not a single call. I created a funnel and landing page; nobody filled out the form or called! Since my own marketing was floundering, I decided to go all in with Technology Marketing Toolkit. I joined the Accelerators Club and went to the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Since the workshop, we have implemented six campaigns over the last 12 weeks that have been successful in both growing our prospect database and dramatically increasing our number of qualified leads! In just 12 short weeks, we have added $3,973 in existing customer MRR and $2,583 in NEW customer MRR, for a total of $6,556 in monthly recurring revenue. Plus, we added $23,440 in customer projects! Even better, we expect to win over a new customer soon that is worth $8,284 in MRR!”