“’Either This Chick Has Brainwashed Everyone Or Her Stuff WORKS!’ I’m Choosing The Latter Since Just 2 Of Robin’s Campaigns Added $46,118 In Sales!”

Posted by Skyler On October 28th, 2019
Laci Jones
October 28, 2019

“After watching Robin’s videos and reading through tons of testimonials, I thought, ‘Either this chick has brainwashed everyone…or this stuff WORKS!’ The very first of Robin’s campaigns that we sent out resulted in $13,718.56 in sales! For our next campaign success, we provided dark-web scans and monitoring for five clients for a total contract value of $32,400! Plus, we received 18 wonderful testimonials, created a new website that directly targets our niche, sent out newsletters, established a quarterly marketing plan and we are now finalizing our referral campaign. We are certain that the Technology Marketing Toolkit will generate massive growth for our company and put ITG at the forefront of IT in central Virginia!”