“Follow Our Lessons And You Too Can Slingshot Your Business To $432,078 In Project Revenue And $240,432 In Annual Recurring Revenue”

Posted by Skyler On September 12th, 2019
Brandis Kelly
September 12, 2019

“From Boot Camp and Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we gained valuable lessons. First lesson: You cannot do it all yourself. Technology Marketing Toolkit offers multiple Done-For-You services that deliver quality results without involving your time. Second lesson: You should narrow your target market. By narrowing our target, we started producing quality marketing that better attracts our ideal clients. Third lesson: Screw it and just press Send. Anytime I’m fearful of implementing any marketing, I simply send the e-mails or send out the campaigns.

In the past 90 days, most of our successes have come from selling to our existing clients through quarterly business reviews. We have conducted a total of 25 QBRs, which have resulted in $320,491 in projects and $43,776 in annual recurring revenue. Also, by adding a bonus to our referral program, we have added a total of five new managed services clients for $111,587 in projects and $196,656 in annual recurring revenue! If you’re like so many of us…fighting to meet payroll…slowly adding more debt…barely making ends meet…and you’re looking to slingshot your business to the next level, Technology Marketing Toolkit is your ticket to happiness and peace.”