“From No Consistent Marketing For 14 Years To Adding $349K In New Sales In ONLY 90 Days!”

Posted by Skyler On June 6th, 2019
Ray Riddle
June 6, 2019

“For 14 years, we didn’t have a profitable business model, a targeted list or a consistent marketing approach. That all changed this past year when we went to Robin’s Boot Camp. There, she gave us great advice about how to better position our MSP packages. We signed up for Accelerators Club and attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop, where we covered a ton, including marketing campaigns, sales processes, telemarketing, setting goals, tracking ROI, defining a target market, creating our USP and, of course, MINDSET.

Even the smallest actions have garnered great RESULTS for us! In just 90 days, we have transformed our business by implementing Robin’s methodology and advice. First, we added about $5K in new MRR and another $349K in new sales. Plus, we are in the process of reworking our existing MSP contracts, which will increase MRR another $5K! We believe in this program and are 100% committed. Robin and her team have truly made our business processes tighter and more laser-focused!”