“I Finally Got Out Of Overwhelm And Have Locked In Over £184,000 In Revenue”

Posted by Skyler On October 21st, 2019
Liam O'Keeffe
October 21, 2019

“Rapid Implementation Workshop really, really helped me understand how to start with simple tasks and break things down into small pieces that are manageable, and totally reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve gone from spending a few hours here and there on marketing activities in a relatively unstructured manner, to almost half my day, every day. I’m delegating a lot more work to my new support team, and know that my time is being spent more effectively. I’m thrilled to report we’ve added an average of £5,123 in new MRR and £184,474 in confirmed revenue – plus the potential for an additional £755,055 WiFi deployment revenue. After three months, I’m struggling to think where I would be if I hadn’t joined this program.”