“I Had Major Doubts About Robin’s Program, But The ACCOUNTABILITY Helped Me To Achieve $5,300 In MRR”

Posted by Skyler On July 26th, 2019
Mark Banens
July 26, 2019

“When I first heard of the success other IT services owners were having with Robin’s program, I had major doubts. I thought, ‘How can all of these companies grow so much simply by following her marketing steps?’ I figured it must be their markets. Because my market of Miami has thousands of MSPs, which makes it impossible to compete. Despite my doubts, my business partner convinced me to sign up for Robin’s program.

As we completed each week of Robin’s Rapid Implementation program, and I started to implement all of these different sales and marketing tools, I saw an IMMEDIATE INCREASE in our company growth and MRR! The pre-written QBR e-mail formats that make it easy to essentially ask for more money have increased our monthly recurring revenue by $5,300 per month! Also, since I’ve already received three leads, I will definitely start to use the referral e-mail at least twice a year.”