“I Was Gob Smacked That Robin’s Program Added £3,803 per month In MRR In A Competitive London Market”

Posted by Skyler On September 9th, 2019
Adam Abramami
September 9, 2019

Flag - UK“I connected with one of Robin’s clients who told me about a special Technology Marketing Toolkit program that “transformed her business to the point it was unrecognisable.” That was the final push I needed, and I signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. While at this two-day, hands-on workshop, I used their template to send out a few cross-sell emails. This simple task resulted in five clients interested in our phone systems, and THREE turned into £650 per month in monthly recurring revenue. Plus one client upgraded to a £460 per month contract!

As part of the workshop initiatives, I also booked all of our top clients for quarterly business reviews. From five QBRs, we brought in an extra £3,153 per month and a further £670 per month from a referral due to one of the QBRs. Since Rapid, we have added £3,803 per month in MRR, which is £45,636 per annum! The information supplied and the mindset shift have enabled me to take myself and my company a big step forward in gaining more business specifically through the QBRs and raise my game in all areas.”