“I’m FINALLY Executing Marketing And Getting Results: $3,250 From Just 13 E-mails And $1,000 MRR From One Call!”

Posted by Skyler On June 4th, 2019
Jason Wachtel
June 4, 2019

“I founded Haycor Computer Solutions in 2006. Through personal relationships and referrals, I built my base up to 40 clients but I was overwhelmed, stressed and didn’t know how to manage or build my business. To escape the chaos, I sold our client base to another MSP in 2013.

Just two years later, I decided to get back into the IT business. Before I knew it, I was a one-man show operating my break-fix business AGAIN! The overwhelm and stress quickly returned and by 2018, I wanted out.

Then I came across Robin’s Technology Marketing Toolkit. I was VERY skeptical, but something had to change. So I joined in February 2018 and was all in – 100%! After working through the videos, worksheets and hours of brainstorming, I was able to start development of a new website, service offering, target market and unique selling proposition (USP).

I attended Robin’s Boot Camp in April 2018 and found it to be an incredible experience. I gathered a ton of information from amazing speakers and vendors, joined the Accelerators Club, upgraded to Infusionsoft and booked myself to attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

During the Workshop, I was able to send out a few campaigns and get a great head start on Robin’s checklist. Sending her simple 9-Word E-mail out to 13 clients resulted in two project sales worth $3,250!

I continuously send out weekly cyber security tip e-mails to all of my clients, which has already resulted in several inquiries and three meetings! I scored a $1,500 project sale plus $1,000 in MRR from a single call!In addition, I implemented the Top 10 Hackers campaign and ID Agent campaign using Infusionsoft. Plus, I hired a new technical specialist in May who enabled me to close over $140,000 in new project business with $4,000 in MRR.

I have found that the single best benefit from the workshop has been the weekly accountability calls. These calls allow us to provide our results from our efforts, hear other members’ experiences and get feedback for next steps toward our goals. I look forward to moving into the next stages of the Accelerators Program in the immediate future. The entire TMT team is dedicated and committed to seeing everyone succeed in the program.”