“Just ONE Marketing Campaign At Robin’s Workshop Added $47,750 In Revenue This Year!”

Posted by Skyler On June 27th, 2019
Brent Fairbanks
June 27, 2019

“At an industry event, I agreed to a phone consultation at Robin’s both so I could I score a free Technology Marketing Toolkit T-shirt. But that call changed everything when I was asked if I was achieving my goals at the pace I wanted. I had to admit the answer was “No.” Determined to get the most from this experience, I signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

While at this workshop and during the 90 days that followed, I initiated several marketing campaigns and strategies that delivered impressive results. First, it helped me to change my mindset about my pricing plan. By DOUBLING my prices, just ONE SALE was worth over $19,000 this year.

Second, I admit that I’ve been deficient in my quarterly business reviews. While at the workshop, I sent out just a couple of requests for QBRs. The first request resulted in over $5K in project work and $300 in monthly recurring revenue. The second request will yield $19,600 in new hardware and project work. In just 90 days, we increased our MRR by 38%. To date, our QBRs will add $47,750 in revenue this year – that’s a 600% ROI!

The amount of personal growth I have experienced is immense. The amount of gratitude is off the charts. I didn’t have the money to attend Robin’s workshop, but I also wasn’t happy with where I was in my business and after 32 years, I finally wanted to make a difference in my business and my personal life. I cannot recommend the Rapid Implementation Workshop highly enough for those willing to elicit a change in themselves.