“We Generated $32,000 in New MRR From The Marketing That The Workshop Accountability Calls Walked Us Through Doing”

Posted by Skyler On June 6th, 2017
June 6, 2017

“I had owned the Robin’s Managed Services Blueprint for a LONG time but I never really read it and certainly had never tried anything that was in it. I was content to only have barely sufficient inbound marketing that allowed growth, but it was SLOW. We were growing too sluggishly to reach our goals for revenue and profitability. The workshop and its associated conference calls were what it took for me to accept that my number one responsibility was to develop a consistent, controlled and sustained marketing capability. From the marketing that the accountability group program led us through, we generated $32,000 in NEW MRR and landed a $30,000 project!

The process of “rubbing shoulders” with Robin’s marketing folks who teach and direct the sessions is of great value. There are tons of “tidbits” that come through during the discussions. This can’t be underestimated.”