“Marketing Is Now Getting Done With Less Effort, Plus I Generated $32K In New Sales”

Posted by Skyler On August 15th, 2019
Stephen Swavley
August 15, 2019

Australian Flag“Over the last few years, my marketing has been very limited. Why? Because I had to do ALL the work myself. When marketing rested completely on my shoulders, it competed with my other responsibilities and rarely got done.

The completion of Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop has resulted in structural changes in my business, specifically building the capacity to deliver marketing without involving so much of my time. As a result of the workshop program, my marketing has been kick-started again in the last 90 days. My biggest win in these 12 short weeks: running a business and technology joint venture where I closed $32,000 in sales using Robin’s e-mail campaign and follow-up calls!