“More Than Marketing, Robin Helped Me To Gain Self-Worth And Find My Backbone”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Dawn Mooney
September 20, 2019

“Years ago, my business was stagnant and slowly dying. My daughter, aka Office Manager, and I were working 60+ hours a week. Even putting in that many hours, we were not always able to cash our paychecks. By implementing the campaigns and strategies found within the Toolkit, I transitioned from a break-fix business to an MSP. I was thrilled with the results, able to pay my bills and even cut my hours down!

So when I found myself in a dark place personally, I turned to her for help again. I went to Boot Camp and met so many wonderful people and learned a lot. I returned to my office and started telling my team all about the wonderful ideas I had learned and my hopes and expectations for the company. Shortly after, I joined Accelerators Club and attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Surprisingly, what I learned the most from Robin had nothing to do with marketing my business. After listening to and absorbing Robin’s insights and perspective for two days, I suddenly realized I was in a very unhealthy relationship. Thanks to Robin, I had enough backbone for the FIRST time in my 33 years to turn my back and walk away. I cannot thank Robin and her team enough for their assistance in helping me to finally open my eyes so I could start living the life I deserve both personally and professionally!”