“My Business Is Now Operating With A Higher Level Of Confidence And Service Delivery, Plus $17,400 In New MRR!”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Caleb Brown
September 20, 2019

Our goal of adding $45K in monthly recurring revenue in Q3 is looking very realistic with our current sales funnel. Simply by using Robin’s quick shot email templates to request quarterly business reviews, we gained $2,400 in MRR. Then we added 5 new clients representing an increase of over $15,000 in MRR to our sales playbook.

Today, my business is operating at a higher level of confidence with a higher level of service delivery, and with a vision of things to come that have not only defined goals, but a clear path of HOW to achieve those goals. Robin’s team and members are a big part of this quality increase!”