“My Mindset Completely Transformed After 20 Years In Business”

Posted by Skyler On August 15th, 2019
Brian Mehl
August 15, 2019

“Sure, I KNEW I should be doing quarterly business reviews, but I couldn’t ever seem to get around to doing them. Then, at the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin laid out a simple way to confidently get them done. During my first client QBR, I easily closed an additional $200 in monthly recurring revenue. WIN! I repeated this process for nine clients to increase my recurring annual income by $14,840 as well as $1,250 in project income.

While the increase in revenue is great, the transformation of MY MINDSET was by far the most valuable result of this workshop experience. After 20 years of ONLY doing things my way and being a “tech who solves problems,” I now have a sales and marketing viewpoint of how to successfully run my business. This transformation sets me up to really move my business forward.”