“My Wife Wasn’t Quite Onboard Robin’s Marketing Train – ‘Why Are You Wasting Money On This Gimmicky Crap?’ That Is, Until I Grew My Business By 50% In One Year”

Posted by Skyler On October 28th, 2019
Lee Darke
October 28, 2019

Canadian Flag“My lovely wife expressed a little concern when I signed up for Robin’s Toolkit: ‘Why are you wasting money on that crap? You need to get more clients, not waste your time and money on gimmicky stuff like that!’ Still, I persisted despite my wife’s objections because I knew the only person who could make me successful was myself, and to accomplish that I needed to create a marketing and sales engine.

I started this journey as a one-man IT shop. To keep up with the new projects and clients, I now have a part-time tech who will soon become full-time. As of August of this year, I have already made more revenue than I did ALL of last year! And there is still Q4 to come! I expect to close this year with a 50% increase in revenue. Now my wife realizes how Robin’s proven sales and marketing strategies can transform a one-man IT shop into a successful MSP!”