“Nashville Computer, Inc., Will Reap The Rewards Of Robin’s 2-Day Workshop For YEARS To Come!”

Posted by Skyler On May 20th, 2019
Sydney Robertson
May 20, 2019

“As the Marketing Manager for Nashville Computer, Inc., my knowledge of how to properly conduct winning marketing strategies and campaigns has grown tremendously as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

From the two days at Robin Central to the weekly phone calls and the awesome knowledge shared, everything has inspired me to perfect what NCI is doing and even test new marketing tactics. After the workshop, my eyes were opened to the (seemingly) endless possibilities of how to transition prospects and leads into clients.

Since the workshop, my team has implemented numerous campaigns that have delivered new leads, new business and new revenue to NCI. Among our leading marketing strategies and campaigns implemented are:

  • Creating and delivering five direct mail campaigns
  • Sending a printed newsletter and e-newsletter to clients and prospects
  • Delivering a weekly TechTips postcard campaign to clients
  • Conducting quarterly business reviews throughout each quarter
  • Creating and sending Shock-And-Awe boxes to prospects who scheduled meetings
  • Receiving new and better testimonials from our client base
  • Improving our website by adding new videos and better messaging
  • Publishing a new press release
  • Sponsoring two trade shows
  • Updating and improving LinkedIn

I have also benefited greatly from every participant in the group. I don’t believe one week went by where I wasn’t inspired by at least one ‘win.’ A huge thank you, of course, to Robin and the entire team at Technology Marketing Toolkit. I’m sure Nashville Computer will be reaping the rewards of this workshop for years to come.”