Other Marketing Companies: High Expense, Zero Results; Robin’s Marketing: $1,449 In MRR And $58,001!

Posted by Skyler On July 12th, 2019
July 12, 2019

“I invested in marketing from different companies that stressed they could create a sales pipeline. We tried, I got frustrated, we failed, they never delivered. IT services is just a different animal, and most marketing firms have no clue what they need to say and what they need to do. The expense was high. The return was ZERO.

In the 90 days following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have added $1,449.92 in monthly recurring revenue – that’s an increase of 22.5% in MRR for us! The additional sales that have come from our quarterly business reviews total $33,001.15. In the next month, I have a server project and two phone systems that are booked for a total of $48,000! Not only are we getting results from these QBRs, direct mail is working too. From our first mailing, we achieved sales for $25,000, and we have proposals for $12,500 and $91,000!