“Our Marketing NEVER Worked, But With Robin’s Marketing, We Achieved 62% GROWTH Over Last Year In Just 90 Days!”

Posted by Skyler On August 15th, 2019
Betty Jock
August 15, 2019

“Today we believe that marketing is the only way to grow our business, and the direction we’ve been given from Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop has transformed our thought process and the way we do business. Our team has done every single thing asked of us and we have realized UNBELIEVABLE results. First, we’ve had a record-setting first quarter with a 50% GAIN over last year. Second, we enjoyed an additional $37,354 in upsold revenue. Third, we’ve added $5,819 in monthly recurring revenue totaling $209,487 over the three-year contract. Fourth, we have another $127,800 in MRR in the pipeline. Fifth, we have $75,885 in accepted and signed bids for upcoming projects. If we do nothing else this year and just maintain our clients and fulfill our contracted work, we will have 62% GROWTH year over year!

Financially speaking, this is a game-changer. But it pales in comparison to the change in our approach and the growth in our mindset. Today we have more warm non-referral leads from the first 90 days of Robin’s program than we’ve had in the last 15 years! This. Is. HUGE!”