“Robin Gave Us The Confidence To Finally Raise Our Rates, Which Added $3,237 In Monthly Recurring Income”

Posted by Skyler On July 5th, 2019
Eugene Hastey
July 5, 2019

I was working 90 HOURS a week and making less than everyone on my team! I gave myself an ultimatum to turn my business around or I would be forced to close the doors. Then I discovered Robin, bought her Toolkit and signed up for her Rapid Implementation Workshop to hold my feet to the fire. This single workshop brings all the material together in an organized, step-by-step, stop-coloring-outside-of-the-lines focus that I really needed.

We immediately saw results! By reaching out to our clients to schedule quarterly business reviews, I was able to finally increase my rates, which will grow our monthly recurring revenue by $3,237 and our monthly T&M invoices by an average of $819. These meetings also generated about $539 in NEW MRR and approximately $70K in project work! Plus, our first direct mail campaign resulted in four sales meetings with former clients for managed services opportunities worth $100,315!”