“Robin Gave Us The Tools And Confidence To Transform Our Business Model, Pinpoint Ideal Clients And Embrace Sales And Marketing”

Posted by Skyler On May 3rd, 2019
Chad Manion
May 3, 2019

“Before signing up with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we were a break-fix company struggling for several years to grow. We had been considering moving toward an MSP model but didn’t know where to start.

After signing up with TMT and attending their Rapid Implementation Workshop, we’ve benefited from the following lessons and improvements:

  • A clearer focus on the type of client we’re looking for. Through Robin’s lessons, we’ve learned to concentrate our marketing efforts, hone our message, become experts in a smaller niche and custom-build our service offerings so our target-market client is left with only one decision – that working with us is their best choice.
  • We have implemented a CRM for the first time. Today we are able to effectively run campaigns with automated messaging that target different groups inside our contact database.
  • By answering our phones live, we have a new degree of polish and professionalism. We realized how sloppy we were being with our phone answering before Robin.
  • Our website has a much clearer message and easier-to-find contact information.
  • Great peer support: being involved in TMT has given us access to a great peer group that offers unique perspectives and experiences.

All the groundwork has been laid, and we’re excited to see what happens throughout the year as we launch our campaigns and begin to attack our target market with new focus and highly targeted messaging. Thanks to Robin, Debi, Ryan, Rick, Jeff, Jessica and everyone else for all the help!”