“Robin SHOWED ME THE MONEY! In 3 Months, Her Campaigns Generated 16 Appointments, 5 New Clients, $20,200 In Onetime Revenue And $1,170 In Monthly Recurring Revenue”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Dan Fusco
September 20, 2019

“We wasted no time at Robin’s workshop in implementing activities and generating results. In just 20 minutes, I sent out a handful of e-mails, generated four leads and sold two of them. It cost me nothing, and I made $1,200 in project revenue and $200 a month in recurring revenue!

After attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop and doing the work Robin recommends, we’ve achieved impressive results in just three months, including 16 new appointments, five jobs sold, $20,200 in project revenue and $1,170 in monthly recurring revenue. And I know this is just the tip of the iceberg! Robin, you are a true inspiration and hold the bar higher for yourself than you do for others. Thank you for everything.”