“Robin’s Marketing And Accountability Helped Put Us On Pace To DOUBLE Last Year’s Revenue”

Posted by Skyler On June 6th, 2019
Rod Holum
June 6, 2019

“We had Robin’s Toolkit for nine years and never put anything into action. Needing a spark to ignite our passion and implement marketing, we signed up for Robin’s Boot Camp and attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop.

After Robin’s workshop, we started to hammer out and radically change our service. Rather than being a “McDonald’s-type IT services provider,” where we had something for everyone and clients could customize their options, we wanted something MORE. We wanted to become a premium IT team that highlighted our strengths within our target market of manufacturers. By creating examples of why we were the best and proving it through client testimonials, we had a substantial sales and marketing advantage.

Here are some straight-up stats comparing life before Robin in 2017 with life after Robin in 2018. Before Robin, we averaged just one lead per month. After implementing Robin’s marketing, in JUST 90 DAYS we have received over 30 leads with 15 booked appointments! Since implementing Robin’s marketing in 2018, we are on pace to DOUBLE our overall revenue from 2017! We could not have done this if it weren’t for the accountability from Robin’s team, making sure the work gets done!”