“Robin’s Marketing Transformed My Business Not Once, But 3 Times! From Rock Bottom To $800K, Then To $1.3M, And Now We Are On Track To Make $1.9M!”

Posted by Skyler On September 20th, 2019
Pedro Nunez
September 20, 2019

“After the economy tanked in 2008, I lost 80% of my income from my break-fix business. Trying to survive for a year, I got the news that changed my life forever. I was going to be the father of TRIPLETS! Trying to figure out how I’d make things work, I was looking online to figure out my next move. I came across the testimonial of a company that sold $3 million in antivirus software and attributed their success to Robin Robins. So, I knew what I had to do… I launched IT Management Solutions and used her Toolkit to grow the business to $800K.

Then I saw another ad from Robin about Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and I decided to go for it. That changed my entire company, and I grew the business from $800K to $1.3 million in revenue! While that’s a huge improvement, I plateaued at $1.3M for two years. Needing more Robin firepower, I joined the Accelerators Club and attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop. Due to everything I learned at the workshop and the 12 weeks that followed, I increased my monthly recurring revenue from $83K to $107K! That’s the push I needed to grow the business to $1.6M! And today, we are on track to do $1.9 million! By implementing Robin’s marketing campaigns in those three months, I grew the company over $500K.”