“Robin’s Program Was The PUSH We Needed To Increase Our Business By $10K A Month”

Posted by Skyler On July 29th, 2019
Paul Marchese
July 29, 2019

“All because of Robin’s training, here is a list of our accomplishments in just 90 days: We sent our first newsletter out this month, sent an e-mail campaign as well as a direct mail campaign. We upgraded our website, defined our market focus and are finalizing our Shock-And-Awe box. We have done several quarterly business reviews, of which $10K has closed, with the potential for $60K more in upgrade hardware. Just today, I had a customer call after reading our newsletter and place a $6K order! All I can say is, ‘Amazing! Why didn’t I do this sooner!’

Our overall numbers for the past three months have shown a modest increase of about $10K in sales a month! Frankly, we have just begun to scratch the surface. Utilizing Robin’s program, we have a new level of engagement with our customers. Thanks for showing me the light and leading me down the path to prosperity and success.”