“Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop Was The Wake-Up Call I Needed To Change My Mindset And Add $16,669 In Projects And $1,329 In MRR”

Posted by Skyler On September 12th, 2019
Robert Crossland
September 12, 2019

“My story begins with the amazing wake-up call I experienced called the Rapid Implementation Workshop, which was the single most pivotal realization that my business was about to change. The most transformational point for me was taking a good hard look in the mirror and realizing that the answer to building a sustainable, lucrative business model started with CHANGING MY MINDSET.

For me, it was my change in mindset, attitude and accountability that is bringing and will continue to bring success well into our future. From Robin’s marketing strategies, I’ve prioritized my position as marketer and now delegate tech-related tasks. I’ve also significantly cut future expenses and discovered how to overcome objections when meeting with clients and prospects. As a result, in the past 90 days we have added one client at $984.20 in new monthly recurring revenue and $10,308.49 in project revenue and another client worth $345.01 in MRR and $6,360.61 in project revenue!