“Thanks To Implementing Robin’s Sales Process And Marketing Automation, We Are Having Our BIGGEST QUARTER In 15 Years!”

Posted by Skyler On September 27th, 2019
RJ Karam
September 27, 2019

“In the 12 weeks of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we landed two new clients as a result of implementing Robin’s marketing strategies. One of these clients is expected to become our SECOND-LARGEST client! In addition to bringing on new clients, we used Robin’s e-mail templates to cross-sell three existing clients. Each of these clients purchased a $2,000 product from us, for $6,000 total! In addition, three clients said “Yes!” to our SentinelOne campaign, which will be bringing in about $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Very excited! This should be our BIGGEST QUARTER in nearly 15 years!