“The $123,400 In Revenue We Added Simply By Participating In Robin’s Workshop FAR EXCEEDED My Expectations!

Posted by Skyler On July 26th, 2019
Gary Habel
July 26, 2019

We implemented many marketing initiatives that generated significant monetary results as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Robin’s Cross-Sell campaign enabled us to close a long-term deal with the Department of Justice valued at $72K! Plus, the 9-Word E-mail campaign to cold leads restarted lucrative conversations. One conversation resulted in $19,500 in revenue. A second conversation generated $10,300. Also, by creating pages of quality testimonials, we scored a $1,200 per month deal and a $7,200 annual project!

The revenue directly resulting from our participation in the Rapid Implementation classes FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. The revenue total is $123,400, which includes one year of recurring revenue!”