“Transforming My ‘Lifestyle Business’ Into A “Growth Business” Starting With A $42,590 Revenue Surge”

Posted by Skyler On July 5th, 2019
Doc Pratt
July 5, 2019

“For 23 years, I ran my IT services business as a “lifestyle business” that simply supported my personal lifestyle. Then I made the decision to switch to a “growth business,” but NOTHING happened since I had been doing the same thing for over TWO DECADES yet expecting different results! In a lot of ways, I was my own worst enemy, and my business succeeded in spite of me, not because of me.

Then I started tuning in to Robin Robins and taking advantage of her free webinars, CDs or anything else I could get my hands (and my mind) on. With my first exposure to Robin’s Producers Club, a couple of things really stood out to me:

  1. Far too many people in this group are very successful for this stuff not to work.
  2. Everyone in Producers Club is genuinely willing and even anxious to help each other.

After joining Producers Club, I was fortunate to attend Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Even though I also had foot surgery during that time, was hospitalized and endured weeks of recovery, I managed to add $443.86 in monthly recurring revenue and $37,264 in project revenue for an annual revenue of $42,590 in JUST 90 DAYS! Even better, we’ve implemented multiple marketing initiatives, such as a monthly newsletter, “Dark Web” e-mail campaign, cyber security weekly e-mails, new “Robinized” website and consistent social media and blog posts. Moving forward with Robin’s sales and marketing strategies, Pratt Computing Technologies is poised to become a GROWTH BUSINESS after all!