“We Accomplished More Marketing In 3 MONTHS Than In My Previous 330 MONTHS In Business!”

Posted by Skyler On July 29th, 2019
Dave Broeckelmann
July 29, 2019

“Thank God I signed up for Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow! Everything fell into place. I knew I had to take responsibility for SNC’s sales and marketing once and for all, so I signed up for Robin’s Accelerators Club and the Rapid Implementation Workshop. In the past three months, SNC has accomplished more marketing milestones than in ANY YEAR in the past 27 years!

While our marketing goals and objectives were impressive, our FINANCIAL WINS were jaw-dropping! Since initiating quarterly business reviews and cross-selling clients to new services, we have already added $5,600 in MRR or $67,200 over the life of the contract…and we’re just getting started! We have also booked additional project revenue worth $18,000 and we are projecting at least another $100K in upgrades. Beyond additional revenue, greater profits and improved cash flow, we are also saving $56,400 in annual expenses, including our previous marketing consultants that never delivered results.”