“We DOUBLED Our Close Rate And Had A Record-Breaking Month!”

Posted by Skyler On August 15th, 2019
Herb Miner
August 15, 2019

“In a very short 12-week period following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have implemented multiple marketing campaigns that delivered off-the-charts ROI. First, we set a single-month gross revenue RECORD of $273,422! Plus, we increased our monthly gross revenue by $118,241. Yes, we landed eight first-time appointments, from which we closed three monthly recurring revenue contracts, with two more about to close. Finally, we added $73,044 in annual recurring revenue!

Just by implementing our Testimonial Booklet and our Shock-And-Awe box, we have DOUBLED our close rate! While experiencing all of these ‘firsts’ and record-breaking months, we know we have not yet begun to achieve our full potential. I am projecting a 25% increase in gross revenue over the next 12 months!”