We Tested Robin’s Marketing In A Brand-New Location And It Worked! $2,400 In MRR And $7,700 In Projects!

Posted by Skyler On July 12th, 2019
July 12, 2019

“Capstone IT’s main office has always been in Rochester, NY, which posed an interesting question. What would happen if we opened a new office 1,367 miles away, in Palm Beach, Florida? Not only was it far away, we had ZERO connections there! The first step to duplicate the success of our NY office in Florida was attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Robin’s workshop and the 90 days that followed have been such an incredibly fun challenge. And the outcome of our work still blows my mind! We closed three new customers totaling $2,400 per month, are anticipating approximately $15,000 potential MRR in the sales funnel and have invoiced $7,700 in projects. Attending this single workshop has launched Florida Capstone so far forward in 90 days in a way that we could never have accomplished alone in one full year!”