“We’ve Transformed Our Company Culture And Added $361,936 In Revenue – All In 8 WEEKS!”

Posted by Skyler On July 29th, 2019
Ross Brouse
July 29, 2019

“In just a two-month period, every single QBR generated revenue for Continuous Networks. We sat six QBR appointments in eight weeks. From those six appointments, we generated $9,978 in NEW monthly recurring revenue, for a total contract value of $278,925.48. Plus, we added $19,978 in project sales and $63,033 in hardware sales! That’s a grand total value of $361,936.18 – all in just TWO MONTHS!

Our culture has improved dramatically, and our team members come to work with a sense of purpose and determination that NEVER existed before this year. Most notably, we’ve built a marketing and sales engine that will generate revenue and profit for many years to come. We are all very excited for the future. Robin, we cannot thank you and your team enough for helping me find my inner marketing genius and for helping our company build an absolutely fantastic foundation for success!”