“Working Just 4 Days A Week, We OVERSHOT Our Revenue Goal By $326K And Profits Jumped By 50%!”

Posted by Skyler On September 27th, 2019
Ed Wenzel
September 27, 2019

“After losing two large clients who accounted for $660K a year in revenue, I had no choice but to embrace marketing. So we reached out to Robin, got the Toolkit and joined Producers Club. I liked the idea of accountability that would force me to do marketing. Shortly after, we got a great referral for $580K a year and a $100K a year contract from LinkedIn prospecting! Plus, we learned how to upsell most of our clients to a higher-priced flat fee contract that increased our monthly recurring revenue by $75K a month.

Our revenue goal for 2018 was $2.5M, but we ended up at $2.826M. Yes, working just four days a week, we actually OVERSHOT our revenue goal by 30% and our profits shot up by 50%!